Bernzomatic Firepoint precision creator hand burner BZ8360T – with Pro/Max gas cylinder – pedestal regulator and hose


The new topper among Bernzomatic burners. A true “Creator tool” where a tight and adjustable precision flame is desired. The flame is smaller than the TS8000 and TS4000. Designed for precision work such as jewelry repairs. Also great for soldering normal to smaller projects and woodwork. The burner features a piezo ignition. A control knob ensures the perfect flame. With “lock” function for continuous use.

The holder in which the gas cylinder fits has 3 holes, so the holder can also be fixed as a fixed working position. In the holder is made the perfect place where the hot burner can be placed after use. The tilt will cause it to snap neatly into place. Really, everything has been thought of!

This topper in the Bernzomatic range is truly the best tool you will ever use, there really is no better one to be found! Totally developed in collaboration with various professionals to design the best tool that will give you the best experience with everything you will make. Faster, better and easy! Expect the best!

With a controller that opens and closes in 1 simple motion, this makes the job very smooth and easy! In the process, the flexible hose gives you enough room to work freely.

  • Adjustable flame
  • With piezo ignition
  • With “Lock” function so the burner can stay on continuously
  • Ultra pointed flame for precision work
  • Sturdy soft grip and fits perfectly in the hand
  • For most optimal operation, we recommend PRO/MAX (Yellow) gas cylinder
  • Is also suitable for the blue and green gas cylinder
  • All 3 types of Bernzomatic gas cylinders fit into the holder

In stock

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